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The Producer’s job stretches from the undervalued discovery and creative stage (where they find strong material, and create and lead the teams who will bring it all to life), through production itself, and on to sales, delivery and marketing.
Through each stage the Producer has a mission: the effective, creative and collaborative management of priorities. Every film is a prototype, and every complex decision in film production, however familiar, is simultaneously individual and unique. Producers have the duty and privilege of managing filmmaking decisions from conception to presentation. Producers come in first, and leave last on every project.
In this, KFS intends to expand on the more common but limited understanding of Producers as Production Managers. Production Management is a key part of the whole production role, which takes its place alongside Script Editing, Crewing and Casting, Contracts and Distribution and other key areas. KFS aims to instill a rigor to this process.
Most KFS Production teaching is about project development, script and resource issues. The school teaches the essential detail of production management: preparation, script breakdown, budgeting, scheduling, unit management and the tasks that will be undertaken in the Production Department, from First Assistant Director to Continuity. We offer production forms and agreements through the student intranet to back up this work. Producers are also Script Editors, feedback monitors in the cutting room, and lobbyists to the school and outside supporters.
But at KFS the focus is on creating a genuine creative understanding of the Producers role from which to collaborate across all elements of film production. In so doing this prevents the vital role of Producer becoming consumed in the all-enveloping powerbase of the Director.

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