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January 24/2020

Kampala Film School is partnering up with African Bureau of Music. This collaboration will boost the synergies of both professionalizing Students work in Sound-editing and Design as well as give them an insight and entry point into the Music Video Industry in Uganda.


January 21/2020

Kampala Film School partners up with Goethe Centre Kampala and Maisha for the Ngalabi short Film Festival.


December 3/2019

Uganda Film Festival 2019. Kampala Film School is proud for 2 nominations and the award for Best Student Film for THE EGO SHE LOST by Sydney Agaba.


November 27/2019

Chike Nwoffiah founder of the Silicon Valley African Film Festival is meeting students at Kampala Film School.


October 8/2019

Kampala Film School sends 15 students to Germany with the sponsorship of DAAD. For 2 weeks they will collaborate with German and American film students at the Alanus Hochschule and the Fachhochschule Dortmund and produce 15 short documentaries and 4 short fictional films.


August 10/2019

Kampala Film School on one project with Warsaw Film School # Poland and Royal Films.


November 22/2019

Bwana Jogoo - The Ballad of Jessy Gitta Kasirivu directed by KFS lecturer Michiel van Oosterhout get awarded as Best Documentary at the Uganda Film Festival 2019.


June 21/2019

Congratulations to Beryl Magoko (KFS Alumni) and your overwhelming international success for your Documentary IN SEARCH. We are proud you started your career on our grounds.


May 26/2019

Kampala Film School co founder of the Film and Video Training Institutions Association.


May 22/2019

ARRI LIGHTING SEMINAR at Kampala Film School by Stafan Nietsche.


December 1/2018

IDI AMINS BOAT - by Grace Nabisenke is the winner in the Best Student Film category at the Ugandan Film Festival.


November 22/2018

Kampala Film School is proud for the two nominations IDI AMINS BOAT and UNEXPECTED under the category of ''Best student film'' at Uganda Film Festival 2018.


November 21/2018

Kampala Film School congratulates its Alumni Grace Nabisenke upon winning the award for the BEST MAKE UP AND COSTUME ''Kony, Order from Above".


October 16/2018

Press conference at Alliance Francaise presenting the #Bergman100Film Festival. Organised by the Swedish Embassy Uganda supported by Goethe Cultural Centre, Alliance Francaise and Kampala Film School.


October 10/2018

We are excited to announce that JINXED will be showing at the Euro-Uganda Film Festival!


September 29/2018

BERGMAN 100 FILM FESTIVAL - Kampala Film School in partnership with the Swedish Embassy.


September 10/2018

Kampala Film School in partnership with ONE54 CULTURE present AFRICAN MOVIE NIGHT. 10 weeks of African Films at free entry.


July 19/2018

Idi Amin's boat has been nominated in Black Star International Film Festival under the category of  ''African Rising''. Congratulations to Kampala Film School.


June 7/2018

We are pleased to announce that THE LAST BREATH is on AfroLandTV. 

April 5/2018

International documentary director Roberto Salinas and his roman crew meet with the students of Kampala Film School.


March 20/2018

IDI AMINS BOAT by Grace Nabisenke wins the Golden Impala Awards 2018 at the Amakula Film Festival.


March 14/2018

Master class workshop STAGING FOR FILM by Tom Schreiber - Amakula 2018 at Kampala Film School.


March 6/2018

German Film Director Tom Schreiber shoots 4 short films with students of Kampala Film School.


February 15/2018

Kampala Film School hosts the Iranian Film Festival Film Festival fifth Edition 2018.


February 2/2018

Kampala Film School hosts the Amakula Film Festival 2018.


January 5/2018

CASH MY CART awarded with the Best Documentary Award at the Global Youth Film Festival Lakshmipur Bangladesh.


November 17/2017

Congratulations to Kampala Film School, Ndawula Jordan and Savannah Moons upon winning more awards for THE LAST BREATH at Pearl International Film Festival as Best Short Film and Best Young Actor of the year 2017.


November 12/2017

THE LAST BREATH is an official selection at Festival de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada-RS.


November 9/2017

CASH MY CART has been nominated as Best Student Documentary at Lake International Pan African film Festival in Kenya.


October 30/2017

Three Films of Kampala Film School have been nominated in different categories at the Pearl International film Festival: AFRICAN CHILD – CASH MY CART – ZZINA.


October 26/2017

Kampala Film School presents Tom Schreiber 2 weeks workshop REACTION IS THE EMOTIONAL ACTION!


October 2/2017

Kampala Film School presents Master class with Italian award winning film director Vincenzo Marra.


September 4/2017

Kampala Film School scoops Awards in the  Uganda Film Festival 2017. Best Student Film and Best Documentary.


September 2/2017

THE LAST BREATH wins Ugandan Film Festival as Best Student Film 2017.


March 8/2017

German Director Jovan Arsenic presents his film HEROES FROM THE NEIGHBOURHOOD at Kampala Film School.


February 16/2017

KAMPALA FILM SCHOOL hits again. Grace Nabisenke is the final winner 2017 of the Screenwriting Competition of the Africa Film Society.

March 22/2016

Congratulations to Kampala Film School student Gary Mugisha for winning the Golden Impala for the Best Short Film with JINXED at the 10th Edition of the Amakula Film Festival.


September 29/2016

Kampala Film School presents DISCOVER THE GREAT – Short course in documentary filmmaking. 18 sponsored scholarships!


November 15/2015

48hour filmmaking challenge with Femi Odugbemi at Kampala Film School during the Uganda Film Festival.

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