"Our mission is to channel the energy and the dreams of passionate East African storytellers.

Film is a complex and layered contemporary art form. It requires strong narrative skills, 
broad technological knowledge, and discipline, as well as a personal artistic voice.

We will achieve this through dedicated, carefully recruited faculty staff, who will deliver 
a quality programme, to produce work-ready graduates and maintain strong links to the film industry.

Graduates of the Kampala Film School will be sought-after filmmakers committed to the 
art of storytelling, who can contribute to the quality and growth of East African film.

Our highest priority is to select and nurture active filmmakers who have the character, 
skills and personal voice to produce original, insightful and entertaining films.

The school’s aim is to turn out the producers, directors and technical crews of the future; 
graduates who are well prepared to forge a successful and rewarding career in film and/or television.

The course is hands-on and practical. Teaching is project-based and we teach on 
digital video format. Students will make a range of individual projects which may include 
music videos, documentaries, commercials and short digital dramatic films.

Furthermore, our goal at KFS is provide a platform where other film-related institutions 
and East African filmmakers can exchange ideas, experiences and contacts."

Christian Civitillo - Head of Studies

Kampala Film School
Gaba Road At Kampala University
UGANDA, P.O Box 25454
Tel: +256 -392177-156
Email: kampalafilmschool@gmail.com
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