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In the graduation term, every student has the opportunity to direct if they wish. In other terms students alternate roles within their small units.
This pattern of exercises through the course offers an opportunity to develop students’ personal orientation to this most complex of all arts: their syntactic narrative skills, their understanding of the pattern of possibilities presented by a script, their capacity to find their results in, and with, their collaborators, and the ability to construct expressive mise-en-scène.
Classes supporting this area discuss and rehearse a number of areas including: preparation, shot lists and storyboards, blocking, protocols of dealing with professional actors, reading scripts, the construction of film sequence. The attitude of the School is that the range should vary as widely as possible to give students their own space to build their own repertoire of formal approaches. Workshops deal with script interpretation, directing actors, improvisation, mise-en-scène, use of camera, location shooting.

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